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What the systems thinking group believes.....

There can be no sustainable improvements in a system which does not have respect for people. This theme is repeated by thinkers on management, leadership, and systems.  People like W. Edwards Deming, Peter Drucker, Taichi Ohno stress the importance of the human side of systems and the importance of continuous learning in order to continuously improve.

We begin, as Stephen Covey says, with the end in mind.  The AIM of every system is survival. What you will find here  is the philosophy of organizational learning and systems thinking. These two elements of management and leadership are the keys to  an organization's survival and its success.   The Systems Thinking Group is an international organization of consultants, educators, and business professionals who are dedicated to deepening their understanding of systems and leadership with the aim of helping other organizations improve their quality, productivity and competitive position.  We do this by continuously improving our own knowledge and experience in the areas of Lean Six Sigma, Quality Systems, Teamwork, Leadership, Management, and Systems Thinking.  Our collective knowledge is available to other organizations through casual, consulting, and contract employment relationships.  Our thinking is influenced by the work of W. Edwards Deming, Joseph Juran, Peter Senge,  Chris Argyris,  Armand Fiegenbaum, and others who understand the deep relationships between technology and psychology in business systems.

From the group's perspective, the whole system matters.   Systems Thinking begins with strategy and continues through operational planning, project selection, and execution, repeating the improvement process in an infinite loop.

It is reported that Dr. Deming once said, in response to the question "How long do we have to improve the system?", without blinking an eye,  "As long as you live, young man, no longer."

Our members are available for consulting, training, lectures, coaching and mentoring.  Please take some time to look around our site and learn more about us.